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our final project

Final Course Project Student-
Group #1: Hiba. Samar. Khalda. Fatma.
  • Course 162 , Section 53 ,Instructor: Buthaina Al-Othman

    Birds of the Gulf: Past & Current Conditions (1991 –2004)

    There are many kind of beautiful birds in the gulf. Birds have physical characteristics that are incredibly diverse in size and in color. They range from very small Bee Humming bird to the Wandering Albatross with its huge wingspan. Their color also vary from one to so many mixed colors of the world in one bird such as that of the Tropical Parrot, each species has its own shape and size that can help them survive. Long-Legged birds can wade in shallow water to prey buried in the mud. The Great Blue Heron’s long toes give support for walking on stream and lake bottoms. Theses characteristics were affected by the pollution that occurred in 1990-1991 in Kuwait as a result birds died, their body became thin and their colors less bright. This short paper will explain the causes and effects of birds’ stress, solutions and the role of people and government to reduce birds’ stress.
    Birds’ stresses resulting from the environmental damage of the 1990-1991 Kuwait fires were judged to be unprecedented according to a number of sources. The first reason for birds stress during Kuwait fires is air pollution;on19th January 1991,crude oil from five bombed oil tankers moored off mina al-ahmadi oil terminal and nearby oil pipelines in Kuwait produced a slick extending southeastwards over 1,500km2. Fathomer, it was calculated that 13,700 tones of toxic smoke poured daily into the atmosphere from the burning oil wells that spread many hundreds of miles and had respiratory and carcinogenic effects. The oil lakes and spills led to the evaporation of toxins into the atmosphere and contamination of groundwater. And all that damages led to the length of ozone slot from oil burning; it caused high earth temperature and ozone damage. The second main reason for birds’ stress during Kuwait fires is water pollution. More than 20 chemical, biological and possibly nuclear factories and stores were destroyed or badly damaged, and toxins widely dispersed and hindered of tones of deplete uranium from radioactive shell materials reportedly discharged by US forces into Kuwait Sea. Furthermore, The effects of chemicals and radiological contaminations are varied They include poisonous drinking water, unbalanced sea ecosystem that can no longer support full biological diversity, deforestation from acid rain, and many other effects, which will decreases from normal water recycling. Because of that reasons; many birds mistook the oil lakes for water from the air and landed on or next to them where many became oiled and died, while many others were affected when flying through smoke or by their sooty surroundings.

    Huge numbers of birds were affected by the Gulf war. During the Persian Gulf War from the fall of late 1990 to early 1991,

    Group 1 Interview with dr.Hanson Smith

    Dr. Hanson Smith has Ph.D. from Saint Francis University. His research interests are in sedimentation, dams and reservoirs, water distribution systems, international development, and environmental sustainability. Dr. Hanson is a member of the ASCE Sedimentation Committee and the Environmental Hydraulics Committee. He has published over 19 technical papers and given over 43 seminars at international conferences

    Here is the full text of an interview with Dr. Hanson Smith, one of the activists and major researchers and organizers in the environmental field.

    Dr.hanson; could you give us a simple definition of pollution?

    Simply, Any a substance in the environment (chemicals, toxic materials…. ect) produces undesirable environmental products and causes harm effects on wildlife.
    And there are different types of pollution (air pollution, water pollution, oil pollution, deserts pollution….ect)

    What the main reason for air pollution in Arabic gulf?

    Actually; burning fossil flues such as gasoline and benzene is one of the main reasons for air pollution in Arabic gulf.

    As you know that the acid rain is one of harms products of air pollution after gulf war and Kuwait fires?
    What is acid rain? And when it occurs?

    The acid in acid rain comes from sulfur oxides and nitrogen oxides, results of burning coal and other fuels and from certain industrial processes.Acid rain occurs when common air pollutants nitrogen oxides and sulphur dioxide combine with water in the atmosphere to form droplets of very weak acid. Power plants and factories release nitrogen oxides, which also contribute to smog. Coal- burning smelters, power plants and factories produce most sulphur dioxide. Sulphur dioxide emissions form toxic compounds such as acid aerosols.

    Could you tell us about the harm problems of chemicals contamination in water?
    And what its effects on birds? How we could assess it?

    The chemicals can cause problems with the taste, odor and color in water. Birds and wildlife can experience reduced fertility, generic deformities immune system damage, increased incidence of tumors and new mutated diseases, and death.
    For example, various species of fish now suffer from tumors and lesions, and their reproductive capacities are decreasing. Populations of fish-consuming birds and mammals also seem to be on the decline. And the effects on birds and wildlife are hard to assess. As a result of pollution-induced alteration of habitat or food resources, acid deposition may cause population decline through stress (because of decreases in available resources) and lower reproductive success.

    What we could do for making our environment cleaner?

    Each of us can become part of the environmental pollution solution. If you understand how your actions affect the environment and the health of your family, you can make choices that will help keep our air clean and our environment healthy.

    How your country protects its immigrating sea birds?

    As you know, USA’ coast and waters are home to an abundance of immigrating seabirds and we are determined to protect them better. That’s why we are strengthening our existing environmental legislation.
    Khalda K. conducted this interview with Dr. Hanson Smith, by email in Dec2004

    Friday, December 10, 2004

    Summary of page 159

    A haptics is the most primitive form of communication. Touch is the first sense to be used; the child learns lots of meanings through touch. There are five basic meanings of touch, one of them is a positive touch, which gives positive emotions and occurs between closely relationships. Examples of positive emotions are support, which indicates protection; appreciation, which suggests psychological closeness; and affection, which express a positive regard for other person.


    Wednesday, December 08, 2004


    Haptics is one of the most imprimitive form of touch communication. The first thing the child do to knew and explore its world is touch , also the way to communicate and knew the meaning that child do is through touch.there are five manjor meanings for the touch that are positive affect,playfulness,control,ritual and task-relatedness . That five major are identified by "stanley jones" and "elain yarborough".Touch one of the positive emotions communicate. these touch will be between who have a close relationship,"desmond morris" say "touch is such a powerful signaling system,..,when the relationship develop the touching follows along with it".The most important positive emotions include support which is indicates reassuranc, or producation, or inclusion which include psychological closeness such as sexual interest or intent.Also touch can communicate our intention to play either affectionately or aggressively, when do this the players playfulness de-emphasizes the emotion the tell the aother person that don't take it seriously,so the interaction will be lighten by playful touches.

    samar albadi

    Tuesday, December 07, 2004

    Summary (page 135)

    Summary for Nonverbal communication occurs in a context

    Nonverbal communication exists in a context that determines to age extent the meaning of any nonverbal behaviors. Some of nonverbal behaviors have different meanings when they occurs in another context. For example : wink of the eye, given bit and fist on a table. Even we know the context in detail we are not a bal to decipher the meaning of the nonverbal behaviors. However, it is essential that full recognition b taken of the context.

    Fatma Al.Raisi

    Monday, December 06, 2004


    Summary of first paragraph of body language passage. (Page 135)

    Nonverbal communication exists in context, and that context determines to a large extent the meaning of any nonverbal behaviors. And the meaning of nonverbal behavior is differed according to the context,for insteads,a wink of eyes wink of the eye, pound the fist on a table.For understanding the nonverbal communication must recognize the context.

    Done by:

    Sunday, December 05, 2004

    summery paragraph 1

    Summery paragraph 1:
    Non verbal communication exist in context which determines to large meanings of any non verbal behaviors, for example a wink of the eye to an active person different from a wink of an eye to signify a lie. So, full recognizing taken from context

    Samara albadi

    The Summary

    Nonverbal communication exists in and recognized by a context. This context is not always a good indicator to decipher the meaning of nonverbal behavior. It depends on the associated verbal behavior.

    Hiba B. al-Shaiji.

    Today Homework

    The homework:
    Write a summary for the first paragraph of body language passage (page 135).

    Monday, November 29, 2004

    pragraph about Meeting and......

    3-Women is at the first meeting.
    5-Women kiss male friends.
    1-People shake hands every tinme they meet.
    the Philippines:
    1-People shake hands every tinme they meet.
    1-People shake hands every tinme they meet.
    2-Women kiss at the first meeting.
    6-The family name coes first. .
    the U.S
    5-Women kiss male friends.

    1-shake hands.
    2-shake hands and give akiss
    3-shake hands
    4- shake hands,give akiss and give ahuge .

    In my country, people usually shake hands when they meat. When two male frinds are meat they shake hands and give akiss.Also When two female frinds are meat they shake hands,give akiss and some time they give ahuge for ther frindes.But when amale and female frindes meat and any two stragers are meat they only shake hands.

    Fatma A.Aziz Al.Raisi

    create pragraph

    Greeting in Oman

    People usually shake hands when they meet for the first time.when two male friends meet they hug and kiss each other on noise.When a male and female friend meet they just shake hands,if two strangers meet they will only shake hands. When two female friend meet then they hug and kiss each other on the cheek...