Sunday, December 26, 2004

Group 1 Interview with dr.Hanson Smith

Dr. Hanson Smith has Ph.D. from Saint Francis University. His research interests are in sedimentation, dams and reservoirs, water distribution systems, international development, and environmental sustainability. Dr. Hanson is a member of the ASCE Sedimentation Committee and the Environmental Hydraulics Committee. He has published over 19 technical papers and given over 43 seminars at international conferences

Here is the full text of an interview with Dr. Hanson Smith, one of the activists and major researchers and organizers in the environmental field.

Dr.hanson; could you give us a simple definition of pollution?

Simply, Any a substance in the environment (chemicals, toxic materials…. ect) produces undesirable environmental products and causes harm effects on wildlife.
And there are different types of pollution (air pollution, water pollution, oil pollution, deserts pollution….ect)

What the main reason for air pollution in Arabic gulf?

Actually; burning fossil flues such as gasoline and benzene is one of the main reasons for air pollution in Arabic gulf.

As you know that the acid rain is one of harms products of air pollution after gulf war and Kuwait fires?
What is acid rain? And when it occurs?

The acid in acid rain comes from sulfur oxides and nitrogen oxides, results of burning coal and other fuels and from certain industrial processes.Acid rain occurs when common air pollutants nitrogen oxides and sulphur dioxide combine with water in the atmosphere to form droplets of very weak acid. Power plants and factories release nitrogen oxides, which also contribute to smog. Coal- burning smelters, power plants and factories produce most sulphur dioxide. Sulphur dioxide emissions form toxic compounds such as acid aerosols.

Could you tell us about the harm problems of chemicals contamination in water?
And what its effects on birds? How we could assess it?

The chemicals can cause problems with the taste, odor and color in water. Birds and wildlife can experience reduced fertility, generic deformities immune system damage, increased incidence of tumors and new mutated diseases, and death.
For example, various species of fish now suffer from tumors and lesions, and their reproductive capacities are decreasing. Populations of fish-consuming birds and mammals also seem to be on the decline. And the effects on birds and wildlife are hard to assess. As a result of pollution-induced alteration of habitat or food resources, acid deposition may cause population decline through stress (because of decreases in available resources) and lower reproductive success.

What we could do for making our environment cleaner?

Each of us can become part of the environmental pollution solution. If you understand how your actions affect the environment and the health of your family, you can make choices that will help keep our air clean and our environment healthy.

How your country protects its immigrating sea birds?

As you know, USA’ coast and waters are home to an abundance of immigrating seabirds and we are determined to protect them better. That’s why we are strengthening our existing environmental legislation.
Khalda K. conducted this interview with Dr. Hanson Smith, by email in Dec2004


At December 26, 2004 at 10:36 AM, Blogger Buthaina al-Othman said...

Dear Dr. Hanson Smith,

I'd like to thank you for your great cooperation with my students. Your contribution through this very informative interview is a strong support for my Science English 162 class at Kuwait University.

It actually sets a wonderful example of how Internet Communication Technologies, (ICTs) can make global collaboration between students and great educators, like yourself possible.

This learning experience, which we all have enjoyed, would definitely lead to a better, peaceful future for our world.

Thanks, again, Professor and my students and I wish you all the best and a Happy 2005, :-)

English 162 Instructor: Buthaina al-Othman
http://alothman-b.tripod.comPS I’m planning to create a webpage to publish my students’ final projects; it would be great if you could post your picture to me or to Khalda, so that I can publish it next to Khalda’s group presentation.


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